Grand Theft Auto 5 – Game Review

Potentially being the most anticipated video game of all time, and on on the verge of being the best selling video game of all time, GTA V has a lot to live up to. Let’s break it down.

Starting off with how the game looks should be simple enough. It looks freaking awesome! Ok, so it’s not as visually outstanding as the high powered PC’s dev kit’s that it ran on in the trailer, but on current gen consoles, it’s pretty unbelievable. It actually looks fairly real and detailed, however that’s not the big selling point when it comes to visuals in GTA. It’s the world. The world that Rockstar have created is just mind blowing, as it’s not only huge but incredibly in depth at each part of San Andreas. The world has it’s own government, social network sites, clothing lines etc, it’s a whole new planet Earth whilst keeping in tune with reality. Apart from a few minor bugs and texture issues, the game is really smooth and runs quite lovely, with almost 0 loading screens. The mostly new UI is a bit of a shock to the system; though it’s a definite improvement from the previous titles. Oh, and let’s not forget about the always brilliant radio and soundtrack system.

Aha! The gameplay! I feel like in the past, the gameplay for a GTA game has been quite predictable and often boring, especially in GTA IV. However, I feel like Rockstar have finally nailed it gameplay wise; mixing daft missions with really intense ones. The RPG elements are back and actually work well and make perfect sense. It is quite obvious to me that if my driving is low, i.e Trevor, then I struggle; when it’s high, i.e Franklin, it’s so much easier. Everything from previous games has been improved. The driving feels much more controlled, the shooting is far more balanced and the wanted situation is just moved on to a whole nother’ level. It’s quite crazy to be honest. And going back to the core missions, there all really fun and challenging, your not invincible and will have to try missions again.  You probably won’t get frustrated though, thanks to the new checkpoint system and the fact you can at last skip missions. The heists’ are genius, from picking your guys, to telling fools to get the fuck on the ground! What’s really good about the GTA gameplay though, is once more the world it’s self. You can rob convenience stores, buy property’s and business’, upgrade weapons, modify cars and most of all – play Golf.

To the Story! Each character has their own interesting and diverse plot line, and it’s written really really good. I feel like I know these 3 guys back to front and there all individually impressive. Of course, Trevor is the best. The way the 3 protagonist’s meet up is cool and their main goals are cool as well. Honestly though, it’s not about what they do, it’s what they say. You hang on every word, wait to laugh or be shocked, it really is a masterpiece. A very unique and intriguing story that will get you hooked.

I’ll save the multiplayer for later.

4.5/5 – For me, it’s all about the new and near perfect gameplay mechanics a long side just unreal character writing that get it up to that score. Yes, the game is nice looking and yes the plot is fantastic. However the way the characters are portrayed and the way the game plays is something we have never seen before.




My Top 5 Favourite TV Shows!

I love television, often more than feature films. There’s just something about it, something that gets you hooked. And the best TV shows are the ones, in my opinion, that you will always remember and watch over and over again. So in a video ( I made a Top 5. Now, this is just my opinion and honestly, this list changes everyday and I’m not even sure this is my Top 5, but it’s close enough.

5 – Phoenix Nights

Quite possibly the most constantly funny show I have ever seen is PN, there’s never a moment whilst watching that I’m not smiling. Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Neil Fitzmaurice are the writers here, and they’re bloody brilliant. IF you haven’t seen this show or thing Max and Paddy is better, then you’re a fool. Beautifully cast, written and directed, Phoenix Nights is an absolute classic.

4 – 24

Probably the first adult TV show I ever really got into, I have great memories of 24. I remember watching series of 24 over weekends and loving every second. It’s tense, exciting and heart wrenching all at the same time. And granted, after season 3 it does sorta trail off a little, but one thing that stays top notch, is Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. With a possible 9th season next year, I can’t wait.

3 – The Inbetweeners

If your between the age of 13-21 and you live in England, you probably love The Inbetweeners. I honestly feel like they just get the right amount of crudeness and harmful banter so that it doesn’t go over the top. I love the characters, the jokes and the plot lines – there’s never a moment when I’m dissatisfied and people of our generation can relate to pretty much everything. The film is great and even though the US version is shit it doesn’t downplay how unbelievable the original version is.

2 – The Office

Stephen Merchant is a master behind the camera and Ricky Gervais is a master on it. Together, they are  masters of writing and all things comedy. They just get it. The Office is a stroke of genius that we may never see again, the way the comedy comes across in a brush over manner and the way the cringe is handled is just too good. You will never think or laugh about the show in the same vein, you fall in love with the characters and the show the moment it takes off in Slough.

1 – Breaking Bad

Of course is Breaking Bad! If you follow me on YouTube, you will probably know how much I love the show. It has a phenomenal directing and writing style that you just can’t tear away yourself from it. The acting is on a whole nother level that I have never seen before in any film or TV show. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston make my mind boggle about how great they play these roles.  It’s so gripping and intense and though provoking, you can chat about Breaking Bad all day. It’s subtle moments of comedy and drama are outstanding and the blatantly extravagant moments are even better. Never will you laugh at something so much and then be on the edge of your seat with excitement the next. You just can’t beat it!

Leave a comment telling me your Top 5!



Show’s that nearly made the list:

Game of Thrones
The Wire
The Sopranos
Fawlty Towers
The Walking Dead
The Simpsons
Boardwalk Empire
Only Fools and Horses
The Twilight Zone
The big bang theory
The IT Crowd
How I met your mother
Max and Paddys Road to Nowhere