Grand Theft Auto 5 – Game Review

Potentially being the most anticipated video game of all time, and on on the verge of being the best selling video game of all time, GTA V has a lot to live up to. Let’s break it down.

Starting off with how the game looks should be simple enough. It looks freaking awesome! Ok, so it’s not as visually outstanding as the high powered PC’s dev kit’s that it ran on in the trailer, but on current gen consoles, it’s pretty unbelievable. It actually looks fairly real and detailed, however that’s not the big selling point when it comes to visuals in GTA. It’s the world. The world that Rockstar have created is just mind blowing, as it’s not only huge but incredibly in depth at each part of San Andreas. The world has it’s own government, social network sites, clothing lines etc, it’s a whole new planet Earth whilst keeping in tune with reality. Apart from a few minor bugs and texture issues, the game is really smooth and runs quite lovely, with almost 0 loading screens. The mostly new UI is a bit of a shock to the system; though it’s a definite improvement from the previous titles. Oh, and let’s not forget about the always brilliant radio and soundtrack system.

Aha! The gameplay! I feel like in the past, the gameplay for a GTA game has been quite predictable and often boring, especially in GTA IV. However, I feel like Rockstar have finally nailed it gameplay wise; mixing daft missions with really intense ones. The RPG elements are back and actually work well and make perfect sense. It is quite obvious to me that if my driving is low, i.e Trevor, then I struggle; when it’s high, i.e Franklin, it’s so much easier. Everything from previous games has been improved. The driving feels much more controlled, the shooting is far more balanced and the wanted situation is just moved on to a whole nother’ level. It’s quite crazy to be honest. And going back to the core missions, there all really fun and challenging, your not invincible and will have to try missions again.  You probably won’t get frustrated though, thanks to the new checkpoint system and the fact you can at last skip missions. The heists’ are genius, from picking your guys, to telling fools to get the fuck on the ground! What’s really good about the GTA gameplay though, is once more the world it’s self. You can rob convenience stores, buy property’s and business’, upgrade weapons, modify cars and most of all – play Golf.

To the Story! Each character has their own interesting and diverse plot line, and it’s written really really good. I feel like I know these 3 guys back to front and there all individually impressive. Of course, Trevor is the best. The way the 3 protagonist’s meet up is cool and their main goals are cool as well. Honestly though, it’s not about what they do, it’s what they say. You hang on every word, wait to laugh or be shocked, it really is a masterpiece. A very unique and intriguing story that will get you hooked.

I’ll save the multiplayer for later.

4.5/5 – For me, it’s all about the new and near perfect gameplay mechanics a long side just unreal character writing that get it up to that score. Yes, the game is nice looking and yes the plot is fantastic. However the way the characters are portrayed and the way the game plays is something we have never seen before.




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