Gravity – Movie Review


A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

Alfonso Cuaron is one of my favourite directors, and has been since he directed my favourite Potter film (Prisoner of Askaban). He takes risks as a filmmaker and isn’t scared to try something new, Gravity is pretty much that.

For most of the movie, it revolves around one character – Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) who is developed well enough, and developed in a subtle way; which makes a nice change. She’s a good character to root for, but it was a shame to not to see some other characters throughout. I feel like a tale like this is best told with some friendly back up. And those are the best parts of the movie, when there’s someone else around. I loved George Clooney in this movie and his humor and like-ability shine through in the greater moments of this film.

And that’s my problem with this picture, I find it gets a little dull after Clooney leaves. It becomes more of character examination rather than a thrilling ride. Don’t get me wrong I like the ending but after the beginning, the film just didn’t amaze me anymore. This movie would have been perfect for me, if all it was was Clooney making a joke and then Bullock spinning around on some sort of pole for 90 minutes. Maybe that’s me being an idiot.

Acting, of course here is great. Like I said Clooney is wonderful and Bullock is good too, having a realistic and emotional portrayal here. Cuaron for me, is the star though, he manages to create a sense of fear and suspense that we probably haven’t see since Alien. He has easily created the most intense but real space movie with some of the best visuals I have ever seen. Gravity is a film that will quite honestly scare the shit out of you without throwing a big evil monster in there.

Gravity has a tired narrative, but you just can’t take your eyes of it. – 4/5



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