Elysium – Movie Review


In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.

I really really like District 9, and I really really like Neill Blomkamp, So I was excited for this movie, like really really excited. And I gotta say, I was not really really disappointed; just a little bit.

Elysium isn’t really that much like District 9, which I am not sure is a bad or a good thing. It does touch on the social commentary but it’s mostly lost in action thrills. And, the action thrills are actually great, Blomkamp has real style when making an action scene. He does this really cool thing of slowing it down then wrapping the camera around before speeding it up. Brilliant. Although, the action scenes were great, I think they were over used and it lost what was so great about District 9 – the plot.

The plot feels scattered towards the end, and they try to throw so much in towards the end. I also don’t like that suddenly the little story of a guy trying stay alive changed to a huge cliche about an ill child. I was all for the everyday guy, who isn’t that good of a guy, going up to the ‘happy place’ to not die and then maybe end up saving the ‘unhappy place’ but the ill child? Who cares? The writing is kinda hit and miss; there’s a lot of misplaced lines which I think made me dislike some of the acting.

Matt Damon as the protagonist Max is great as he always is and his character was probably my favourite thing about the film. Alice Braga is ok but like I said, her part of the story with her ill daughter just felt like a huge cliche. I didn’t particularly like Jodie Foster as a villain; she was very wooden and didn’t seem to really care about what was going on – she was also the only person that can’t blame the writing. As well as that I didn’t particularly like Sharlto Copley in this movie, but I think it was down to poor writing as his lines just felt completely out of the blue sometimes – he was also part of the ‘throw everything in towards the end’ club. Other people to note are Wagner Moura as ‘rebellion leader’ spider who I thought was very funny at times and William Fichtner had a nice little part.

This isn’t a bad movie, not in the slightest. I really enjoyed it, I thought the surface plot was good and the gang sub plot was cool, Matt Damon was great as Max and Max was very cool as well. Even though, the writing was inconsistent Blomkamp’s actually directing was superb and like I said it had style. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Often inconsistently written and acted, Elysium is a good Sci-Fi action movie, but it’s just not District 9 – 3/5



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