Jobs – Film Review


The story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Steve Jobs’ life is both inspirational and eventful, so it was always going to be difficult to put him on the big screen. A difficulty shown in this film.

Often seeming more like ‘made for TV’ movie rather than an actual one, it suffers from some dodgy pacing. It’s not particularly slow or quick, it just seems to jag along, making it an absolute clutter. The film is mostly in chronological order, but you can’t tell from scene to scene, I couldn’t tell you if a business meeting scene happened before a Jobs outbreak; its a bit of a mess. Writer Matt Whiteley hasn’t done a bad job with the dialogue, it’s just he brushed over all the interesting bits for what seems like an hour of non-essential filler.

I actually think Ashton Kutcher is really good here as Steve Jobs, he looks like the only guy on set that cares. He is the powerhouse in most scenes and nailed that brilliantly geeky walk Jobs had. Dermot Mulroney was fine, but someone just there for the paycheck, like most of the cast. One guy I really did not like for most of this movie was Josh Gad as Steve Wozniack; he felt very deadbeat and clingy which really put me off because I always thought Woz was a pinnacle part to the Jobs story.

This film is at its best when Jobs is going mental or the early crew being creatively amazing. Apart from that, it just seems like a lot of exposition and dull over-hyped nonsense that doesn’t make much sense. Its the sort of film where I could pick out 9 out of 10 scenes and just go – but why? It doesn’t paint any of the characters in or good or bad light and lacks any sort of charm after about 30 minutes. There is some good moments here and there, and it does get them inspirational juices flowing, but there isn’t enough there to keep you entertained for over 2 hours.

A mostly dull and pointless experience, saved by a strong Ashton Kutcher performance. – 2.5/5



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