The Wolf of Wall Street – Movie Review


Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

I’m pretty sure Martin Scorsese is my favourite director, and I’m pretty sure Leonardo Di Caprio is my favourite actor. So, this could be the perfect film for me…

Scorsese is at his best here. It’s ingeniously directed and edited that you are entertained from start to finish. It’s so fast paced and sharp that you forget this movie is 3 hours long, and there wasn’t one point during the movie that the length bothered me. The film is repetitive but each scene is so masterfully put together that you don’t notice that you’ve probably seen a similar scene earlier in the film. At 71 years old, Scorsese’s still got it.

Terrence Winter as writer is also very very good. Like the scene, each word is masterfully put together and the dialogue has so much behind it. It’s the sort of screenplay I’d like to have a copy of; very sharp and quick witted. Not to mention that it’s absolutely hilarious; which might be down to the improvised stuff. It’s obvious that Jonah Hill is guiding these very dramatic actors to a comedic zone they’ve never been to before. Such as a moment when there discussing whether ‘Dwarfs have special powers or not’.

I’m not sure how much of the story is actually true; if it is, then good god these wall street guys are messed up. It revolves around one guy for the whole movie, and he’s a huge cunt. His job is to illegally screw people over, do an insane amount of drugs and have sex, a lot of sex. And that’s whats so brilliant, you really get the ‘Scarface’ feel of this guy over-doing everything, then having his comeuppance. It’s a really great story and deserves and needs that 3 hour length.

Di Caprio is phenomenal. If he doesn’t win an Oscar, then there’s something wrong with the world. He is the boss and master in every scene, being charismatic and powerful without over-acting. He’s incredibly physical in this movie and just as funny as idiot side characters. The supporting cast take a back seat to him, but are still very good. Jonah Hill is the fire power behind the comedy and is becoming the perfect movie sidekick. Other people to mention are Margot Robbie, who whilst being insanely beautiful also did a good job as the sort of morale high-ground? I could mention the countless other great small roles and I’ll quickly mention Matthew McConaughey who probably has the best scene in the whole movie.

I wish this movie was perfect for me, but it isn’t. The whole overloaded sex and drugs thing worked really well, but it’s not for me. That’s my only fault; that it won’t be my favourite movie of all time, which says a lot.

Ingeniously directed and acted, we find Scorsese and Di Caprio at there best to make a hilariously entertaining story. – 5/5


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