Iron Man 3 – Movie Review


When Tony Stark’s world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.

Iron Man was an excellent superhero movie, Iron Man 2 ruined any love I had for it. I was hoping Iron Man 3 would regain my faith.

The plot for this film is sketchy to say the least. It takes a while to really get anywhere and I think the overall narrative is pretty rubbish. Though, as the plot thickens, it gets quite interesting at times, and it has its moments. It just doesn’t work as a cohesive plot. This isn’t helped by the huge twist, which I actually really liked; but it didn’t help the story.

Thank god we have a great character in Tony Stark, played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jr. He is so charismatic and laid-back and just perfect in any of his Tony Stark roles. He is the centre of everything here, and that’s where Iron Man 3 succeeds. It realizes that it doesn’t need a gripping story or an interesting villian, because it has a really good character; who is played by a really good actor.

As far as the other cast goes, I think Guy Pearce is dealt a bad hand, because he’s a great actor, but he just plays a dull and unoriginal character. He’s not bad, there’s just nothing to him. Gwyneth Paltrow is fine and Don Cheadle is as witty as he always is; being a highlight for me in the film.

The shame is, it sort of forgets what it is. The best part of Iron Man was the first half an hour in the cave, and they use parts like that in this film! But then they go and ruin it all by falling down a dodgy plot-line about regenerating faces or whatever. This is fine, as long as it’s fun; which I’m afraid it isn’t for a lot of the time.

Plagued by a lackluster story, Iron Man 3 is filled with good moments, lead wonderfully by its lead character. – 3.5/5


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