Alien – Movie Review


The commercial vessel Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. After searching for survivors, the crew heads home only to realize that a deadly bioform has joined them.

It’s hard to think that melon of a man Ridley Scott has made good movies. This 1979 classic is probably his best.

Starting of slow and rather clunky, this 117 minute picture is nothing short of a masterpiece once it gets going. That does take its time, but thanks to a sturdy cast, it keeps you interested enough to keep watching. However, in this time, you can tell there’s something stirring; something waiting to jump out. Something waiting to grab you and drag you into the abyss of space.

It’s tense to say the least. The tension it built up by some handsome cinematography and slow directing. Everything feels like a step up, scene by scene as the camera moves. Scott makes you sit on the edge of the seat with a simple turn of the lens. Wonderful, wonderful stuff without even seeing the creature. Then it explodes, from nowhere it fires up, and get’s your heart pumping. It will scare you and disgust you in the most brilliant way.

Like I said, the cast is very very sturdy. Which for a late 70’s Sci-Fi movie or any Sci-Fi movie to be honest, is very very unusual. Sigourney Weaver does well as the lead, being the most brutal but relatable strong female character. Apart from her, no-one is really all that special, just fine for their roles. Except maybe John Hurt, who is now a legendary British actor, and rather eerie in this film.

I’m not saying this movie has issues; it has quite a lot. Such as a irrelevant convoluted plot-line about robots, which by the time it came around, you can’t really care about it. Also, there is a few classic overacted horror moments. It’s just you can’t understate the importance of this film, the inspiration it has led. Every other tense or scary or science-y movie has copied it in some way. It made the perfect path for any type of extra terrestrial film.

A bleakly brilliant direction style and tense from the very start; an absolute classic. – 5/5


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