Rush – Movie Review


The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

When this movie came out, I was all like ‘Ew, ew ew, do not want to see that’. God, I was a fool.

Interesting and like-able would be an understatement here. It is such a fun and yet so emotionally complex. I have not spoke to a single person that doesn’t like this film. It just has that quality that very few films manage to get, where you just cannot hate it. Its the sort of film that if it was made in the 80’s my dad would say ‘Ahh, that’s a good un’.

Ron Howard has crafted some of the best car scenes we have ever scene. They are so brutally exhilarating and fast paced that they will literally speed up your heart rate. Away from the action, the direction is still good, Howard making an extremely slick movie. Mix that with the awesome soundtrack and you have the recipe for popcorn excitement.

The movie is far more than that though. The writing is excellent and the story behind it is also excellent. It tells a great morale about competition, friendship, personality flaws and of course rivalry. One of the few faults that I can give it is that like a lot of true stories, it feels pulled back because of that element. It focuses on some parts of this story that just aren’t as captivating as the rest of it.

Acting here is as good as it gets. Chris Hemsworth is wonderfully sexy and charismatic. Daniel Bruhl is much darker and arrogant when dealing his quite brilliant lines. The two actors are perfect when against each other; never has calling each other names been so good. The rest of the cast are sort of a comedy filler, but succeed in being very funny.

I was contemplating whether to give this film the top score, thinking that it won’t go down as one of the greats. However every element of it is masterfully crafted, and as far as movies go, this is right down my street.

Interesting narrative, genius direction and strong acting make Rush one of the most entertaining films you will ever see. – 5/5


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