Green Street 3: Never Back Down – Movie Review


An old firm leader returns to Green Street for Revanche after receiving a call that his little brother was killed, but is he able to cope with a new type of hooliganism and can he find his killer?

The original Green Street is probably one of the most overrated British films of all time, and the sequel was just a shambles. Could the 3rd installment save the day? No.

Filmed in the most grim and odd way. I feel bad for saying that this movie actually has style and an interesting look. It just doesn’t make any sense. Yes, the fight scenes look kinda cool and the overbearing gloominess is OK I guess, it’s just not right. The movie just takes itself far too seriously, which is a shame, because one of the good things about the original was the more lighthearted moments.

The lines that these poor actors get doesn’t help either. Every other line is just awful, an example would be when the protagonist literally out of the blue just says ‘I wanna go to Tottenham’, to which the whole pub cheers. It’s just bloody stupid! Like the plot; being also awful.

The core narrative is really uninteresting and like most things,it just doesn’t fit in. Again, this is a shame because apart from the main revenge football hooliganism stuff, it’s really not bad. They could have made a decent fight-martial arts movie, if they had just goofed it up a bit. You take away the Green Street in the title, its not bad, you take away the dull seriousness, its quite good.

Acting, as expected, is mostly wooden; apart from in the fight scenes, when Scott Adkins is rather good. His Kung-Fu chops obviously better than his acting ones. No-one else is worth the mention apart from Jack Doolan who is a British actor who keeps popping up, and I just wish he went away.

This film is not awful, it just doesn’t get it. The whole firm fighting stuff needs to be kept in the 80’s, when it actually existed. Or make a film about firms in the modern day, but actually do some bloody research! However, I would recommend taking this film how it is and just take the piss out of the underground fighting football league, where Jackie Chan like skills dominate.

Uninteresting and bizarre plot, with wooden writing and acting, but certainly not  un-watchable as a fight flik. – 2/5


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